Path of Exile 2 Path of Exile 2 – Is Path of Exile worth playing?

Path of Exile 2
Path of Exile 2 – Is Path of Exile worth playing?

poe 2 demoMuch of the story in Path of Exile 2 revolves around a society trying to pick up the pieces after the catastrophic near-apocalypse brought about by the original exiles in the first game. There will be returning characters (presumably Zana) but they'll have aged significantly

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Path of Exile 2 Review

Path of Exile 2 is a 3D Action MMORPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is an MMORPG by Grinding Gear Games, the successor to Path of Exile.

Official website: PoE 2

Play Path of Exile – What’s in for the players

Players take on the role of a master exile who has been banished to this world by an immortal goddess, forced to survive and evolve by using skill, charm and power.

Enter the world as one of many diverse characters, discover twisted loot and earn powerful upgrades, build towns and obtain powerful items.

We’re very excited for the new storyline, new areas, new monsters and loot, new skills and abilities, more interesting companions and much more.


Become one of the exile, an exiled criminal from Wraeclast who is broken and branded with the mark of the Raven. Using their powers you must master their struggles and battle against the fallen god that rules Wraeclast: Ngamahu, The Solarisian.

Created by Grinding Gear Games, featuring a strong system of character progression, deep exploration and crafting. Path of Exile 2 is fully LOD based.

That means it doesn’t matter where you are in the game world at any point, whatever gear you have will scale automatically with your character level.

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PoE 2 journey

In PoE 2, you will be able to explore the world while having an epic battle with hordes of monsters, or you can venture out into dangerous dungeons where randomly generated enemies await you. You can also create unique items with your skill as a crafter.

The human memory is but a frail thing, and over the course of the player’s journey they will be forced to constantly revisit the past. If they are to survive, they must learn from it, even as the ruins of their reality crumble around them.

Grinding Gear Games plans

Path of Exile 2 will see the return of Exiles, and the introduction of new ones. There are no plans for native 6-month leagues or any other form of paid expansions, but GGG intends to add more variations on existing ones and introduce some new ones as well.

The company’s main focus is releasing high-quality free trials, consisting of a large part of their new content.

There are currently servers available in North America and Europe, but a Chinese version and mobile client are expected in the future.

Craft, Trade, and Battle countless enemies in an open world inspired by the dark fantasy setting of Diablo.


The same developers behind Diablo 2: Path of Exile is able to deliver an impressive graphics and engaging gameplay every quarter.

It is a hardcore game that offers a single player campaign, daily quests and random monster spawns.

Will PoE 2 Worth Your Time? Of course! And the best part is that it will be a free MMO 🙂

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