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On4play’s mission is to help any persons / business with a need for better exposure on the web through an optimized Youtube channel, the creation of mini-sites, with natural referencing and much more other services.


Internet Marketing

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Consulting service for your channel:
Optimization, competition analysis, keyword research, full backup copy .


On the main search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) to increase traffic to your website.

Web Site

Purchase domains and basic design with WordPress or highly optimized mini-sites.

High quality reports

Get critical information about your competitors giving you a huge advantage over them

Professional advisor

Do you know how to...

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Free Traffic Web

Tips on how to get free traffic to your site.

Affiliation Marketing

Find out how to make your first commission online.

Dominate with Youtube

Understand how to crush your competition with Youtube.

Earn Money Online Easily

A simple, easy and fast way to start an online business!