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A Mortal Combat Tournament Extrement Comback is an event where the winner of one tournament will get the chance to be in another tournament!

There are two different types of tournaments, one for strangers and one for friends. The goal is to win your first match and hopefully be faced against a good friend or stranger again.

It is a brutal combat game with fast-paced gameplay and epic battles. It features 4 unique characters in single combat and 2 humans against 4 monsters in multiplayer mode.

To make the experience more intense, this game includes punches, kicks, and special moves along with dynamic slow motion effects!

Back for a Final Round to crown a new champion. But the top players from each discipline have had enough… and they’ve assembled on the Tournament’s famed island once more!

Mortal Combat Tournament Extrement is back for a new season. This time, your friends are playing against each other and the winner will win an ipad.

Because of this tournament we decided to create a special edition of the game. The game will come pre-loaded on yet another iPad with specs that are far superior to any other 6th generation device available on the market today!

Mortal Combat Tournament Extreme returns for a second season.

The 32 competitors are especially chosen for their amazing abilities to go head to head in the Mortal Combat Tournament Extreme.

The combatants will be tested in many ways including fighting hand-to-hand, with martial arts, weapons and finally the unknown element of brute strength and speed.

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