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Mad World – Age of darkness
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While the game did start out in the early 2000s, MadWorld is a bit of an oddball among MMORPGs. It was created by none other than Recess, who also happened to make that great Famicom game, Earthbound Beginnings. So while it's not a traditional MMO, it's enough like one to be worth checking out.

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MadWorld is an MMORPG that allows you to live out your fantasy in a world of knights, magic and monsters.

Free Mad World MMO

Player Classes

There are 3 types of characters that you can choose from: Warrior, Magician and Thief. In order to play the game you must get an account with a free character and then level up it.

Once you reach level 30 or 60 (which ever comes first) you can complete quests such as feeding sharks or searching for the lost princess princess!

There are also other things like collecting gold and cooking food items or even building mysterious houses!

MadWorld MMORPG is Free to play

It features a lot of team gameplay, with action-based fighting combined with chaotic carnage, as well as several mini-games that give players an extra incentive to keep playing.

MadWorld is a free to play MMO, which uses a dual currency system that mirrors the real world by having both gold and coins.

Gold is used to upgrade your character, while coins can be used to purchase items from the shop.

You can Buy to Upgrade

This dual currency setup allows players to buy new equipment with real money from in game shops, but also offer items for sale that are not available for purchase using coins.

The only way you can get gold in-game is through quests and various activities, which most of us really aren’t interested in doing! Yet we still have to pay for items even though we don’t want them!

Your missions

MadWorld is a MMO that allows you to live the horror movie from your imagination. Fight and survive against hordes of undeads and zombies with some friends or alone.

The full version of the game include ten character classes, a total of 28 jobs, 48 weapons and equipment, 70 maps to explore and fight in, 1a & 1b NPCs, more than 200 monsters within your questinable experience as a player.

MadWorld MMORPG gives us a bit of a twist on the typical J-RPG. Instead of having a party of adventurers and warriors, players take control of a single character within this world who is alone in his journey and fight for his life.

Surprising and fun to play!

If you are looking for a unique approach to the genre, then look no further than this game because it’s not quite like anything else out there.

MadWorld is a fun, fast-paced MMORPG. It’s one of the best MMOs out there. You can join clans and create your own clan! There’s also a solo mode in MadWorld.

You can fight other players in real-time combat, or play against computerized characters. It’s got an immersive storyline and rewards players who are willing to put in some time in game.

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