Williams Pinball Brings Back Classic Arcade Action

Action/Arcade , Simulation PlayStation 4 GoG , PlayStation 4 , Steam , Xbox One Easy Zen Studios Williams Pinball: Volume 5 features three classic tables from Williams and Bally which can be added to the Pinball FX3 game as a DLC for about $10. Tables in this pack include […]

All of the tables feature a classic mode where everything is basically a simulation of how the games would have played in an arcade, and from what I remember, games like Cirqus Voltaire feel pretty real compared to the real thing. The ball physics are certainly almost perfect. You can almost forget that you are playing the game on your TV instead of in some classic arcade cave.

Each table also features an enhanced mode where extra computer graphics are added to the fun. In that mode, things like fireballs fly at you, lighting strikes the board and colorful characters like a genie or a circus ringmaster dance around and sometimes taunt you as you play. Some folks, especially arcade purists, might feel distracted by the enhanced mode. No worries there, as you can easily switch between the two modes with a single button.

If you’d like to get some practice to get acquainted with the tables prior to actually playing the games, or just need to get some practice in at any time with a particular table, there is a practice mode available for each pinball game. You just select this practice mode, and it allows you to have continuous balls with nonstop play for 60 minutes. This mode is greatly helpful in allowing you to get a feel for each game. It helps you in learning the objectives of each table, aids you in vastly improving your skills and is a great way to figure out all the functions available on each table with none of the pressures of the regular games with their three balls and your done allotments.

Before each game, you are given a quick visual tour of the table you are about to play. While the game table features are being shown to you during the tour, you can read facts about the history and the special features of the table. Once you’ve learned about the machine sufficiently to your liking, you can skip the tour by starting to play the game…

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