VidRipper Review – Know how to protect your Youtube Channel!

VidRipper Demo

Is your Channel risk-free?

How is your YouTube advertising and marketing going?

Will YouTube’s brand-new standards and their having the ability to determine if they like your web content or not obtain you slapped down?

Do you have a lots of sweat equity and time bought placing all those videos available with well-crafted titles, description, keyword research study … blah blah

You understand the drill. To develop a YouTube visibility and a solid well-known channel takes some time.

Watch Vidripper in Action HERE

Would it devastate you if everything simply DISAPPEARED?

For me it would suck … BUT …

My friend Cliff Carrigan has once again SOLVED that trouble and also placed the angst behind me with VidRipper.

The man is a freakin’ wizard … seriously. He’s always producing tools to address troubles.

To make a long story short, he created a tool that will completely backup every element of a YouTube channel, to ensure that you could conveniently just recreate the entire damn thing!

Below are some points that may put you comfortable with it.

✔ Maintains every title and summaries
✔ Downloads all video thumbnails
✔ Downloads all videos in MP4 style
✔ Develops a stock of all video URL’s.

That’s not all! Vid Ripper help you not only to Save money…but also make money! How?
• Protect our own channels, and those of friends, family, and businesses we care about.
• Fiver gig offering channel backups as a service
• Fiver gig offering analysis of competition’s channels
• Local businesses, offer a free or cheap service to back up channels for “foot in the door” type strategy.
• Local service add on with any kind of video services offered, value added service.
• Local businesses- offer competition analysis
• Use in combination with Video Traffic sniper to get intel by keyword, and use VR to get comprehensive channel analysis.
• Use in combination with MVC to create compilation channels and then back them up
• Use in combination with LinkSwarm Video URL scraper to get all data from competitors
• Use in combination with Niche commander to find terms/keywords that could easily be ranked for.

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