Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition PS4 Review

A man in a sharp blue suit with a shock of white bouffant hair stands meekly at the bar next to a shabbily dressed and dishevelled bearded man of the same age who is gesticulating wildly while ranting enthusiastically at him: ‘Necessity might be the mother of invention, but […]

Terry shakes his fists in the air at David’s philosophical nugget and finishes his bourbon in one gulp, as the bluegrass music from the silhouetted trio in the corner begins to meander visibly into the air, like mist on a spring morning…

Very few games are content to inhabit a space in which William Burroughs would feel at home; fortunately Cardboard Computer have thrown off the shackles of the linear narrative and concocted a highly cerebral adventure which is an enchanting combination of strange melancholy and perverse black humour.

Each chapter in the story is bookended by a theatrical title and number – Act I, Scene III and so on. Gameplay is primarily handled via low polygon characters which can be moved in 2D across beautifully drawn simple 3D backdrops. Action icons are usually represented by an eye to signify an object worth investigating. A text box and a name underneath is where you can interact with other characters.

Your main quest to deliver the final parcel involves trying to follow an intricate web of clues and misdirection from the eccentric and lonely characters in order to locate the mysterious Kentucky Route Zero which you have been told will lead to your destination: Dogwood Drive.

As the story unfolds however, this quest fades into the background as you become drawn into each of the scenes, all with their own individual stories to tell and new people to meet. Across the five ‘Acts’, you will gain new team members, all of whom add a new perspective and opinion which manifests itself in additional dialogue ‘trees’ and conversations…

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