Games Inbox: First person Resident Evil 8, Journey To The Savage Planet diary, and The Last Guardian PS3

Resident Evil 7 – do you want more first person action? (pic: Capcom) The Wednesday Inbox thinks it’s too late for a good Terminator video game, as readers extol the virtues of digital-only gaming. To join in with the discussions yourself email Different view I know it’s just […]

Obviously I want the gameplay and story to be as original as possible but to me Resi is always a third person game and while I enjoyed 7 it just seemed a bit gimmicky it being in first person. I think the biggest problem though is it disconnects you from the main character. I would never have been able to tell you the name of the main character if it hadn’t been in the story and that is in sharp contrast to Chris, Jill, Claire, Leon, and all the rest – probably the best known cast of playable characters in all gaming. And despite being in a good game Ethan is nowhere close to joining them.

My hope is that there’s at least an option to switch between the two views, but I think probably that would require too much work and it won’t happen. Probably Capcom intend to do a trilogy of first person games and then maybe they’ll change over. I hope they at least make it VR again though.

Natural end
Comparing the Terminator and Predator and Alien, and all the other 80s action monsters, to washed-up actors at a convention is so true I almost laughed, if the fact of it didn’t really hurt. I can’t bear what’s been done to these characters, which really are washed up but not because they’re irrelevant or outdated but because they keep being put in such terrible movies.

I do think a good video game would be a way to restore interest, although Alien Isolation did nothing for Alien and although the Predator game looks good I doubt it’ll be very high profile as it’s multiplayer only. I think sometimes an idea just comes to the end of its time and there’s nothing more to do with it. These monsters could’ve had more great films but they’ve flubbed too many chances and I think most people have just given up, as you saw with Dark Fate, which was okay-ish but nobody could be bothered anymore…

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