Everdrive 64 Review

The world of video game emulation is a delicate one. Sure, it’s fantastic to be able to play retrospective games with all kinds of enhancements, graphical and otherwise, it’s also great to be able to store your library digitally, but with it being a dodgy subject in a legal.

Emulators are hit and miss on anything past the 16-bit era on any system you play them on. The worst of which being the Nintendo 64, I have scoured high and low for a N64 emulator that has impressive compatibility but always came up trumps. That is until now…. kinda.

The Everdrive 64 is created by Krikzz.com who have generously provided us with a unit to review. The latest revision of the ED64 is the X7 which has a few enhancements over previous models. When it arrived, I was instantly impressed with the packaging quality. Neatly packed into a foam padded black box with the Krikzz.com logo printed on the lid, the cartridge itself is identical to a regular N64 game cartridge in every sense but what was apparent was that there are no instructions whatsoever but hey thank god for Google.
Inspecting the cartridge, the first enhancement is the removable storage media that the ED64 uses. Gone from older versions is the SD card slot in favour of the more up-to-date MicroSD slot. On whatever MicroSD you use, you must have the operating system files which can be downloaded from the Krikzz website as well as the roms you want to play, push the MicroSD (which needs to be formatted to FAT32) in the cartridge and you’re all set. There is also a USB slot but this is purely for development purposes so conventional users won’t need it.

Switching on the console displays the main menu which is very retro looking. Apart from the interchangeable background images, it’s not aesthetically pleasing or easy on the eye but that’s fine considering what this thing can do. The main screen is your basic file manager screen that allows you to browse all folders and files you have on your SD card. Pressing the Z trigger activates that actual main menu which grants access to the ED64’s features.

First up is ‘Options’ which allows you to alter save type, activate the built-in cheat system, automatically activate IPS files which are game patches and more. ‘CPak Manager’ allows you to format or backup your controller memory pak. ‘Cheats’ allows you to input compatible Gameshark codes to activate cheats in selected games. ‘Device Info’ displays information about the Everdrive 64 cartridge such as when it was manufactured. ‘Self-test’ tests the device to ensure everything is in working order, ‘RTC Setup’ alters the built-in real time clock which is essential for Animal Crossing and ‘About’ tells you all about the geniuses who created the wonder that is the Everdrive 64…

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