2024 Arcade 1up Golden Tee review | On4play

2024 Arcade 1up Golden Tee review | On4play
Arcade 1up Golden Tee critics

The Arcade 1up Golden Tee machine is one of the better-looking ones in the current Arcade1Up line.

This mini arcade cabinet looks just like the full size stand ups of old, and it’s accurately sized to make you feel like a kid at the local pizza place once again.

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It’s like going to an arcade, minus the coin part. You can play Golden Tee Arcade classic on your own for hours and hours, or challenge family and friends for a little competition.

Remember the glory days of the coin-operated arcade? You can relive them with Arcade 1Up.

A great game collection for arcade game fans at a good price. The controls are responsive, the games look sharp and the four-player cabinet is an added bonus for parties.

Golf fans, rejoice! Arcade1UP offer three Golden Tee Golf titles in one cabinet, including Golden Tee 3D Golf, Golden Tee ’97, and Golden Tee ’98.

With dozens of licensed arcade games from your favorite publishers like Atari, Capcom and Bandai Namco to choose from, you can bring all the fun and excitement of the arcade home to you.

Large buttons, a ball top joystick and a trackball control let you play classic arcade games like Golden Tee Golf with incredible accuracy.

The Arcade 1Up Golden Tee cabinet is the best way to play one of the most iconic arcade sports games of the ’90s, with an authentic control panel and 17″ LCD screen.

It’s not a full size cabinet by any means and it’s definitely not perfect – in fact, being made from particle board, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect for a arcade cabinet.

The Golden Tee Arcade 1UP machine and it is awesome. I love the nostalgia of playing these arcade games again.

Golden Tee Golf is a fun Arcade Game where you can play golf on different courses. This Arcade 1Up Golden Tee Arcade also includes Golden Tee III, World Class, and Turf Feast.

The cabinet has great art and looks just like the original machine.

It still has that plastic-y feel and look to it, but not enough for me to really care for my purposes.

Call it a premium emulation or the most affordable home arcade system to feature a bona fide trackball.

For what it can do for Golden Tee connoisseurs, this new machine from Arcade1Up is one of my favorite arcade cabinets from the company to date.


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