2024 TMNT arcade 1up machine – TMNT Turtles in Time – I LOVE THIS!

2024 TMNT arcade 1up machine – TMNT Turtles in Time – I LOVE THIS!
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This my friends is the TMNT arcade 1up machine and I couldn’t just not talk about this thing look I don’t really talk about video games a lot on this channel. I love video games I love retro video games but I am by no means somebody who feels like they’re in a position to like do full-on video game reviews.

I’ll leave that up to a lot of my friends who I enjoy watching but I do talk a lot about Ninja Turtles on this channel because I’m a huge fan.

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Done Retro collectors

I couldn’t just not do something so consider this a huge Ninja Turtles toy collector just gushing about the TMNT arcade 1up machine it’s really really amazing so let’s talk about the building process with this.

If you’ve never picked up one of these arcade 1up machines before they do come in a large box and you have to fully assemble the entire unit but it’s not really that difficult.

Follow the instrucrions

There is an included sheet of instructions that perfectly guides you through the process all of the pieces of wood are labeled with letters and really you just got to be able to screw them all together like Phillips head screwdriver.

You can put the whole TMNT arcade 1up machine together I did this is a two-man job me and my wife both worked on it and together I would say we took some around the 40-minute mark maybe a full hour just for everything.

Building Time well spent

Your time will probably vary especially if you’re doing it by yourself it can totally be done by yourself but having somebody help you with it definitely help speed the process along a little bit.

There are a few things I want to note while talking about the building process this particular set the turtles one comes with the little booster for the bottom that boosts it up so that you can stand to play the arcade machine.

It’s got its own set of screws and everything however when I got them all out the screws that come with that are labeled the same they have like the letter B on the bag as the screws that for the machine.

The screw sizes are different and the instructions don’t do a good job of distinguishing those so make sure you use the larger screws while putting together the machine itself.

Go with the right screws

You’ll notice it once you start along the way and realize you’re using the wrong screws but it is a little confusing at first the other thing is when I was putting the screen up actually.

You assemble the whole thing and then the screen itself has like a film on there that a protective film that you have to take off it is incredibly hard to get off there’s like no peel point my wife really had to do a lot of digging with her fingernails to like get it started.

Then we finally got it ripped off it’s really frustrating and you got to be careful cuz you wanna scratch anything up so be careful with that and the last thing.

The entire thing fully assembled I plugged it in I flip the switch and it didn’t turn on so then I had to unscrew the few screws on the back board. I pulled that off and I looked and there’s a little flip switch on the back of the monitor.

I had to turn I had to flip it on I don’t think the instructions told me to do that or I overlooked it and I didn’t know. But once I did that and then I tested it it worked fine and I screwed the back back on so just be careful with some of those little things could be a little annoying while you’re getting it put together. 

But when you’re all said and done it’s a beautiful machine if you’re not familiar with the one one-up arcade machines they are smaller than an actual arcade unit. 

About units size

This unit stands just under 4 feet tall without the booster but like I said this particular set comes with the booster which boosts up about an extra foot.  So it’s just shy of 5 feet tall so it’s still not quite as tall as an actual arcade but that makes it so that adults can stand at the Machine and play it.

If you don’t want to use the booster it’s actually super comfortable to pull a chair up to it and play that way. I have one of the other arcade 1up machines which is the rampage machine and it doesn’t have a booster.

I’ve always just pulled a chair up to it to play it it works fine. I do really like the booster on this one especially since it’s decorated to match the arcade cabinet so it’s pretty cool that it comes with it.

Arcade cabinet

The arcade cabinet itself when I was a kid I was always mesmerized by this particular cabinet I remember going with my mom to the bowling alley. She had a weekly bowling league so all through the summer I would have to go to the bowling alley with her and they had this machine.

I used to not only just play the game but I stare at the artwork on this thing the artwork on the marquee the artwork on the side of the machine there it’s an amazing combination of like these hand-drawn animated looking Turtles with live-action actors for April O’Neil and shredder. 

He is wearing like the most awful cosplay imaginable for shredder I don’t know it’s amazing and one of the best things about this is just having that in my home like I love the artwork on this cabinet and I love having it in my house…The rest can be watch below! 🙂


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